ACE Micro Recognized with 2023 Top Member Award by ERP Cloud Blog

[Lubbock, Texas, January 9, 2024] – ACE Micro, a leading provider of Cloud accounting and operations solutions tailored for distributors, proudly announces its receipt of the prestigious Top Member Award for 2023 from ERP Cloud Blog. This accolade recognizes ACE Micro as one of the organizations that posted the highest number of blog articles throughout the year, demonstrating a commitment to consistently sharing valuable insights and information.

Recognized with 2023 Top Member Award by ERP Cloud BlogIn addition to being awarded Top Member, ACE Micro also secured the title of Top Author for publishing one of the top 10 blogs of the year. The winning article, titled “What Issues Are The Medical and Hospital Equipment Industry Facing Today?” delves into crucial challenges faced by the medical and hospital equipment industry. Please click on the title to read the article.

Mark Munson, President and VP of Business Development at ACE Micro, expressed gratitude for the recognition, stating, “We are truly honored by this award as it represents our commitment to sharing information on technology that benefits distribution on a consistent basis. It reflects our dedication to providing valuable insights to our community.”

Anya Ciecierski, Co-Founder of ERP/CRM Software Blogs extended appreciation to the entire ACE Micro team and stated, “Thank you for all of your hard work and excellent content. ACE Micro is a valuable member of our site that consistently focuses on providing high-quality educational articles, with a special focus on insights for the distribution industry. We look forward to a great 2024.”

About ACE Micro

ACE Micro’s solutions are specifically crafted for distributors seeking to optimize inventory, enhance visibility in their supply chain, and maximize product margin and corporate profits. The company’s Cloud accounting and operations solutions, coupled with consulting services, enable businesses to maintain more accurate inventory levels and efficiently manage suppliers, decreasing inventory while still delivering outstanding customer service and response.

Established in 2002, ACE Micro has offices in Georgia, Florida, Texas, California, and Tennessee, serving clients across the United States and various other countries.

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