Manage Work across Multiple Companies

Some people work in multiple companies, and some also work in more than one organization, such as external accountants, or employees and managers of corporations with multiple subsidiaries. For these users, and many others, the company hub serves as a landing page that gives a financial overview across companies and environments.

An ERP that expands with your business needs


The Company Hub provides a centralized location for managing multiple companies within Business Central. This streamlines administrative tasks such as user access control, permissions management, and data sharing between different entities.

Improved Collaboration and Visibility

By consolidating data and processes into a single platform, organizations can enhance collaboration and visibility across different departments and subsidiaries. Users can easily access and share information, collaborate on projects, and track progress across various companies.

Cost and
Time Savings

Instead of implementing and maintaining separate systems for each company, businesses can streamline processes, reduce duplication of efforts, and eliminate the need for redundant software licenses and infrastructure. This consolidation  reduces overhead costs and saves time.

Assign tasks

In Business Central, you can assign tasks to yourself and others, and others can assign tasks to you. The company hub gives you an overview of assigned tasks for each company, and you can also access a list of all assigned tasks.

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