Global Business Coordination

The intercompany module in D365 Business Central is designed to streamline the processing of transactions between multiple companies within a group or organization. It enables companies to easily record and manage intercompany transactions, track the flow of goods and services, and reconcile balances between different entities. This module includes:

  • Automatic posting: The module automates the posting of intercompany transactions, ensuring accurate and real-time updates to the general ledger and financial statements
  • Multiple company setup: Users can define and set up all the companies within the group, with each company having its own chart of accounts, vendor and customer records, and other master data
  • Intercompany sales and purchases: The feature enables the creation and management of intercompany sales and purchase orders. Users can easily transfer goods and services between companies while maintaining accurate inventory and costing information
  • Intercompany journal entries: Companies can create intercompany journal entries to record and reconcile financial transactions, such as intercompany loans, capital contributions, and dividends

Streamline Business Operations

Increased Productivity

By saving time and automating processes, intercompany transactions boost productivity

Minimize Mistakes

Information is entered only once, reducing errors and ensuring system-wide updates

Audit Trail and Visibility

A complete audit trail provides transparency into transaction histories

Simplify Operations

Intercompany management is a crucial aspect for organizations with multiple legal entities. It facilitates streamlined transactions between different companies within the same organization. By automating processes and minimizing errors, intercompany transactions enhance productivity.

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