Make Better Inventory Decisions

Improve inventory management by having the right stock available to meet demand. Leverage ERP data to increase inventory visibility so you can place orders quicker, reduce excess inventory, and minimize stock-outs.

  • Save time on planning, forecasting and ordering
  • Retain customers and increase sales
  • Free up cash tied up in excess inventory
  • Analyze supply and demand changes

Designed by Inventory People, for Inventory People

Quickly Meet Demand with the Right Inventory

Increase inventory visibility with powerful insights and trusted recommendations to balance your inventory investment.

Forecasting Flexibility at your Fingertips

Confidently generate reliable sales forecasts, factoring in seasonality and trends. Quickly identify and adjust key inputs.

Quickly Place the Perfect Order Every Time

Bring your data-driven
inventory policy to life, actioning the most important purchase
orders first.

Measure and monitor supplier performance

Measure and assess suppliers’ performance and dynamically respond to changes in lead times. Automatically adjust your safety stock levels in line with supplier reliability and deliver the desired service levels to your customers.

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