Leveraging Partner Efficiency: ACE Micro and Enavate’s Success Story


In today’s ever-evolving business landscape, companies need to adapt to stay competitive. One way to achieve this is by embracing digital transformation, and Enavate is at the forefront of helping businesses do just that. Enavate, a Microsoft Gold Partner designed to assist other partners, offers a wide range of services and solutions, including cloud migration, technology optimization, and business development. In this article, we’ll dive into the efficiencies gained by partnering with Enavate, as experienced by ACE Micro, a long-standing Microsoft Dynamics partner.

ACE Micro’s Journey:

ACE Micro, established in 2002, has been instrumental in empowering various industries such as industrial supply, medical equipment, and industrial machinery distributors. Their focus primarily revolved around implementing the on-premises Dynamics GP, but they recognized the need to transition to the cloud-based Dynamics 365 Business Central.

While they had been educating their customers about the advantages of migrating to Dynamics 365 for several years, it was only in the past 12 months that they witnessed a surge in customer interest. The COVID-19 pandemic and the looming end-of-life for on-premises systems acted as catalysts for this shift.

ACE Micro’s Challenges:

With a significant number of customers looking to make the transition simultaneously, ACE Micro faced a daunting challenge. They needed to allocate resources efficiently to handle multiple migration projects while maintaining their day-to-day business operations.

Mark Munson, President and VP of Business Development at ACE Micro, described the situation, stating, “This is a problem felt by a lot of partners right now. There are just not enough resources out there to handle this backlog of migrations that we need to address. With just existing customers, we’re looking at roughly 25 migrations a year over the next five years, which is a staggering amount of work on top of our new business.”

The Solution: Partnering with Enavate:

To address this resource shortage and maintain their commitment to providing high-quality service to their clients, ACE Micro forged a strategic partnership with Enavate, a move that proved pivotal. Working alongside Enavate, ACE Micro found a solution that allowed them to offload the data migration process, ensuring a seamless and efficient transition for their clients.

Enavate’s “factory” approach to migrations streamlines the process. The journey begins with the Enavate Dynamics GP Assessment Tool, which provides insight into the complexity of the client’s GP solution, identifying any potential issues or anomalies. Enavate then collaborates with the partner for a two-step technical migration, including a test migration and a final live migration.

Mark Munson highlighted the effectiveness of this partnership, saying, “With their tools and expertise, Enavate allows us to move more of our clients in a shorter period of time. We’ve already migrated a dozen clients to date, with 29 more migrations in our pipeline over the next twelve months.”

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Driving Customer Success with Business Central:

Once the migration is complete, clients enjoy the advantages of Dynamics 365 Business Central, including enhanced security, scalability, and redundancy. Additionally, the cloud platform offers a wider range of business management capabilities. Kasey Metzger, Product Leader at Enavate, emphasized the benefits, stating, “While we explain the benefits of getting updates every month and significant feature updates twice a year—not to mention the thousands of ISV solutions available on AppSource, customers don’t always grasp it until they see Business Central in action.”

To ensure clients make the most of these benefits, ACE Micro offers unlimited support and training plans. Mark Munson emphasized their commitment to driving adoption, stating, “Our goal is to drive adoption, so we make sure that they have the support they need to get there.”

The Ongoing Opportunity:

Migrating to Dynamics 365 Business Central is not just a one-time benefit; it opens doors to an array of opportunities. With the additional support of Microsoft’s Power BI and Power Apps, clients can integrate and streamline their operations.

The partnership between ACE Micro and Enavate showcases the remarkable efficiencies and benefits that can be gained by collaborating with experts in the field. As technology continues to evolve, embracing partnerships like these will be crucial for businesses looking to thrive in the digital era.

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