Set Up an Additional Reporting Currency

As companies operate in increasingly more countries/regions, it becomes more important that they are able to review and report financial data in more than one currency.

  • Displaying Reports and Amounts in the Additional Reporting Currency
  • Adjusting Exchange Rates
  • Specify the exchange rate adjustment method for all general ledger accounts

Meet the Needs of Domestic and International Companies

Update currency
exchange rates

If you trade in different currencies, you need to keep track of the changes in currency exchange rates. Business Central helps you manage and update the exchange rates manually or automatically.

Set Up Multiple Interest Rates for Delayed Payment

For each finance charge term code, you can specify multiple interest rates so that you can calculate finance charges with multiple interest rates for a specific period

Validate VAT Registration Numbers

It is important that the VAT registration numbers you have for customers, vendors, and contacts are valid, if you use Business Central in a country/region that uses VAT

Enable Application of Ledger Entries in Different Currencies

If you purchase from a vendor in one currency and submit payment in another currency, you can apply the payment to the purchase. Likewise, if you sell to a customer in one currency and receive payment in another currency, you can apply the payment to the sales invoice.

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