Empowering Confidence with Positive Pay

Positive Pay is a feature available in D365 Business Central that helps businesses prevent fraudulent activities related to check payments. It involves an automated process of matching and verifying checks against a predetermined list of authorized checks issued from Business Central. Features Include:

  • When a check is issued by the business, key information such as the check number, date, payee name, and amount is recorded in Business Central
  • A list of authorized checks is prepared and shared with the bank. This list may include information such as check numbers, issue dates, payee names, and corresponding amounts
  • When a check is presented for payment, the bank compares the check details against the authorized check list received from Business Central. If the presented check matches the details on the authorized check list, it is deemed valid

Proactive Fraud Prevention

Enhanced Fraud

Positive Pay integration provides an additional layer of security by allowing businesses to match issued checks against those presented for payment. This significantly reduces the risk of fraudulent activity such as check alteration or unauthorized check cashing.

Streamlined Reconciliation Processes

By automating the matching process between issued checks and presented checks, Positive Pay simplifies reconciliation efforts. This leads to increased efficiency in financial operations, saving time and reducing errors associated with manual reconciliation.

Improved Financial

Utilizing Positive Pay helps ensure the accuracy and integrity of financial transactions. By detecting discrepancies between issued and presented checks in real-time, businesses can promptly identify and address any potential anomalies.

Increase efficiency and accuracy

If there are any discrepancies or mismatches detected, such as alterations to the check amount or payee, Business Central flags these items for further review or rejection. This helps businesses proactively identify and prevent fraudulent transactions, ensuring the integrity of their financial operations. Additionally, the reconciliation process automatically matches issued and presented checks, thereby improving efficiency and reducing the likelihood of errors.

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