How do cloud ERP solutions help distribution companies from being attacked by ransomware?

Ransomware. Is it a threat or not!

We are seeing more and more of our on-premises Dynamics GP clients being attacked by Ransomware!  This is a real threat and can cripple your business for days not to mention the time and money needed to clean up the corruption of data.

Cloud ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) solutions can provide a variety of benefits to distribution companies in terms of cybersecurity and protecting against ransomware attacks. Although no solution can eliminate the risk of cyberattacks, cloud ERP systems can enhance security measures and reduce vulnerabilities. Here’s how cloud ERP solutions can help distribution companies defend against ransomware attacks.

Cloud ERP solutions often provide centralized data storage and management. This allows distribution companies to implement robust security measures at a central point, making it easier to monitor, control, and secure sensitive information.

What can we do to lower the risk?

Our solutions offer regular updates and patches to address security vulnerabilities. These updates help ensure that the ERP system remains resilient against emerging threats, including ransomware.

Cloud ERP solutions employ encryption protocols to protect data both in transit and at rest. This encryption makes it significantly harder for cybercriminals to access sensitive data even if they manage to breach the system.

Microsoft implements multiple layers of security, including firewalls, intrusion detection systems, and network segmentation. These layers make it more difficult for attackers to penetrate the system and move laterally within the network.

Our packaged solutions offer robust user access controls, allowing distribution companies to restrict access to sensitive data and functionalities based on role and need. This reduces the risk of unauthorized access leading to ransomware attacks.

Our solutions offer automated and regular backups of data. In the event of a ransomware attack, where data might be encrypted and held hostage, having recent backups can enable companies to restore their systems without paying the ransom.

Cloud ERP providers implement advanced threat monitoring and detection tools. These tools can identify suspicious activities or patterns that might indicate a ransomware attack in progress.

Microsoft Cloud ERP provides dedicated security teams that specialize in protecting their platforms against various threats, including ransomware. This expertise can be leveraged by distribution companies to enhance their own security measures. Traditional on-premises ERP systems have vulnerabilities associated with local hardware and network infrastructure. Cloud ERP solutions can minimize these vulnerabilities by hosting data and applications on secure cloud platforms.  Why risk it, move to the Cloud now and help reduce your risk!

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