Making Payments to Vendors

The payment journal is a general journal optimized for making payments and includes powerful functions such as “Suggest Vendor Payments” to find vendor payments that are due. The “Vendor Summary Aging” report shows an overview.

  • Post payments to vendors and refunds to customers
  • Use a function to suggest vendor payments according to selected criteria, such as due date, discount eligibility, and your liquidity
  • Issue checks for vendor payments or customer refunds, either as print-outs or as computer checks

Meet the Needs of Domestic and International Sites

Apply Payments to Invoices or Credit Memos

Fill in the Applies-to Doc. No. field with the invoice or credit memo that must be paid or refunded, then the document is set to paid

Get Suggested Payments to Vendors

The Suggest Vendor Payments function can fill payment journal lines automatically according to vendor prioritization and due dates

Submit Payments Electronically

In addition to recording that the payment is made, output the payment for further processing by your bank

Record Payments and Refunds in the Payment Journal

On the Payment Journal page, you record payments that you make to vendors and refunds that you make to customers. When you post a payment journal line, the paid amount is recorded on the specified system bank account.

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