Zack Thomas

Dynamics 365 Technical Consultant

Zack Thomas is a seasoned technologist, wielding a comprehensive arsenal of skills that span Java, SQL, Linux administration, debugging, and more. His expertise extends to diverse platforms like Salesforce, WMOS, and cloud services such as Azure and AWS. Proficient in Active Directory management, Zack navigates system administration and network troubleshooting with finesse, ensuring seamless operations.

Prior to ACE in his role at E-Networcx Solutions, Zack served as a linchpin in Systems Admin Support, orchestrating security and firewall setups for multiple clients. His adeptness with AD server and Azure AD allowed for seamless user management, including the smooth transition of email clients from Gmail to Outlook. He meticulously executed routine maintenance and upgrades while swiftly resolving on-site network issues.

During his tenure at USC Upstate, Zack’s tenure at the IT Support Desk saw him providing technical support to a vast user base, comprising over 500 individuals. His responsibilities encompassed the maintenance of workstations, printers, and peripherals, alongside the management of Active Directory and Virtual Clients. Zack spearheaded the migration of infrastructure from on-premises to cloud, ensuring optimal efficiency and scalability.

In his capacity as Digital Media Assistant Director, Zack was instrumental in crafting compelling digital content for University Marketing & Communications. Leveraging tools like Adobe Creative Cloud, he brought creativity to life through video editing and graphic design. His adept management of Digital Asset Management systems streamlined workflows, while his coordination of media upgrades showcased his prowess in embracing evolving technologies.

Zack’s educational journey, culminating in a degree in Computer Information Systems from the University of South Carolina Upstate, provided him with a solid foundation. His internship at BMW Manufacturing further honed his skills, where he delved into scripting, Docker container management, and live issue resolution in WMOS.

Certified by Microsoft in Azure Fundamentals and Azure Administration, Zack Thomas embodies versatility and proficiency in the realms of IT, digital media, and cloud technologies. Zach in currently undergoing in depth training and education on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and will be certified in the very near future.

His hands-on experience, coupled with his unwavering commitment to staying abreast of industry advancements, positions him as a highly valuable asset in any tech-driven environment.